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Frosted Great Gatsby jar I made for a friend

Red and white tribal jar I made to hold spare change and tips from work

Harry potter jar. Hand-painted and hand-frosted by me!

First requested jar! Made to be a part of a wedding gift for a couple described as “California organic.” 

Made a Star Craft jar for a friend’s birthday.

Made some jars for school friends who have summer birthdays. It’s hard to make crafts for boys but he loves cats and video games so I tried to combine the two!

Latest jar made for a friend who’s a big OneRepublic fan. All the hard work will make this one hard to give away.

"I am a woman. Hear me roar." 

Besides being a famous song, this is spoken by the gutsy feminist Jessa, a character of one of my favorite TV shows, Girls. It’s pretty self-explanatory, though I don’t consider myself a feminist. I just figure it would be ironic for a female of any ideology casually sipping tea from this cup, legs crossed and all ladylike, while the cup basically screams, “I’m a fierce, independent motherf*cker who will claw your face off.”

The irony could only get any better if a man chose to drink from it.

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